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Welcome Kate!!!

We are growing at Sanders Family Dental and you may notice a new face in the office! Kate has enthusiastically followed Dr. Sanders from his previous office where they worked together for 3 years. Let me just start by saying 1 year away from Kate was too long and I am so grateful to have here back in my corner. She is originally from Glenwood, Iowa and I believe her only flaw may be that she is a Hawkeye fan. Kate is the offices first dental hygienist and will be helping Dr. Sanders with your 6 month cleanings, scaling and root planing and all things preventative including; sealants on the youngsters, fluoride when recommended and education for the entire family. One of her awesome qualities is her drive to become a better hygienist. About once a week she has a new article for me to read on the latest polishing technique or a new material that she wants to look into. She is constantly trying to learn better techniques to serve our deserving patients in a more comprehensive manner. One such topic she is exploring is myofunctional-therapy. That involves correcting poor habits such as tongue-thrusting, posturing your jaw, ankyloglossia (tied-tongue) and clenching your jaws during the day. Together we have noticed that there is a growing number of patients that fit this category and we want to be able to treat those patients here in an appropriate manner. Kate has fit right into our awesome group and is just another extension of the Sanders Family Team. Kate has been with us since October 2018 and we are so excited to brag about having her here. Looking forward to the future with you Kate!

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