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Making Progress!

The bricks are stacked, the walls are painted, the sign is up and the parking lot is steadily being poured. We are getting very close to our start date and I am so incredibly excited to get going. Our open date is October 16th and we already are filling up the schedule. Don't forget to call us for you next appointment.

I wanted to share a few pictures of the progress so you can get a behind the scenes look at what all is going on inside that awesome brick building.

This is looking down the hallway at the 6 patient rooms on the right side. This is an older picture and there is now paint on the walls and flooring will start next week. In those patient rooms we are going to have HD TV's above the patients with wireless headphones that the patients can catch up on Game of Thrones while they get their teeth sparkly clean.

Each patient room will have a huge window looking to the north. This is by design. Science has proven that the shade of our teeth look different with room lighting vs. natural sunlight. In order to obtain the best esthetics for our patients we will utilize the north facing windows to perfect the shade selection when doing veneers or cosmetic work.

More big windows in the reception room. This is the view our front desk will have. There will be a TV in here along with a small play area for your kids to play at. In the rare case that you have a short wait, this will be a perfect place for you to relax until you are seated. Our goal is to always run on time and never make a patient wait more that 15 minutes to be seated. As a matter of fact, this eventually will be a guarantee.

This is my favorite picture of the whole group. Here is my brother in-law, Mike Richard, helping me hang the signage on the east wall. For those of you that know him, he is a jack-of-all-trades and always willing to help. When I say Sanders Family Dental I really do mean FAMILY. Without the help and support of my entire family this still would only be a dream. Oh, and he also laid all the tile floor in the office.

Here's how it turned out. You can't miss it as you drive up and down 168th.

Thank you all in advance for following the progress of the dental office and I look forward to seeing you all in October. Again, first day is the 16th so call (402) 614-4017 to get scheduled (FYI it goes directly to my cell phone right now so don't be surprised when I am on the other end)

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