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Gretna Days Parade - 2nd year

1 year ago we said, "we should go pass some toothbrushes and flyers out at the Gretna Parade". Little did we know, we were in for quite the surprise. We came loaded with 300 toothbrushes attached to flyers that we made that week and we met an army of kids by the thousands! To say the least, we were not prepared. Well, that would not be the case this year. This year we were ready to do it right! This year we were not only going to show up and be a spectator but we were going to have a float in the parade! I remember waiting for the parade line-up to be finalized earlier in the week to see where the Gretna Chamber of Commerce would assign us. The anticipation was weird to say the least. I didn't want to look like we just cobbled something together and my family made sure it wouldn't. My wife had all the great ideas as she grew up in small town Nebraska and has been to a parade a time or two (probably a few hundred). My father-in-law and brother-in-law had all the big equipment ready to go. My Mom and Dad worked on the oversized props and my office team gathered all the handouts and helped whenever they could. We had a giant tooth that would be at the helm of our 30' float followed by over sized toothbrushes, floss boxes and toothpaste tubes. On that float was The Sanders Family Dental FAMILY. We even had the newest addition (at 2 weeks old) perched at the front of the massive float. I could not have dreamt up a better day to be ushered down Angus street with my closest friends, family members, staff and their families. Over 30 of us! This time we were prepared! We went through 538 toothbrushes, 550 tubes of toothpaste, 600 floss packages, 500 Koozies and whatever else we could find to give the children (and their parents). We were float #76 out of 101 so by the time we had come around these kids had bags full of candy. I was very impressed with the excitement those kiddos showed when we gave them the box of floss. The parents were pretty receptive of the toothbrushes and obviously they were all requesting the koozie in preparation of that nights street dance. We had fun! I meet so many new people and I truly enjoyed getting to show off what an amazing group of people I have in my corner. The rain held off just long enough for us to have a really great day and I feel so blessed to be a part of this awesome community. Thank you Gretna, you truly do offer "The Great Life".

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